About Us

Infodeets.com is a new web platform that aims to bring you the best of knowledge regarding Indian music, dance, travel, foods and cuisines, health, nutrition, and philosophy. India is a democratic nation where different cultures and religions have blended in a smooth proportion and created an extraordinary atmosphere. Carrying along the changing sentiments of all in mind, we, at infodeets.com, have decided to bring the inner aura of the nation’s voice by representing its world class diversion in one platform.

Infodeets.com is a group of professional bloggers who have come forward to present their thoughts to the entire world with the aid of words. It is often said that ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’. The entire day, we travel, we eat, we grow and we experience a lot of new possessions every moment. At Infodeets.com, we present to you those real life experiences and stories which will not only inspire you to live a better lifestyle, but also provide you in-depth insights about your culture at the same time.