Different Types Of Hearing Aids To Buy

There is a variety of hearing aids available to buy. But the question is which one should you choose. The hearing aids chosen by you should be according to your requirement. There are different types and styles of hearing aids to buy let’s have a look at them below.

If you are suffering from a hearing loss and are thinking of getting a hearing machine for yourself, then there are a wide variety of ear machine available in the style, style, type, size, and different levels but then the question arises. What is the hearing tool most suitable for you?

You want to invest in buying hearing aids, but you are not sure what to buy, do not worry that we are here to solve your problem.

The market has a wide range of hearing aids, which will rotate your head. However, each hearing aid varies according to the strengths, weaknesses and different suitability for different people.

You have to keep in mind that while you are choosing a hearing aid, do not just consider the presence, but also focus on your physical agility and lifestyle needs.

Three different types of hearing aids to buy

  • Behind-the-ear(BTE): Hearing aids behind the ears are often abbreviated to BTE or occasionally OTE (On-The-Ear). One of the popular types of hearing aids is BTE. As the name suggests, the rear appliances are designed with most electronic components attached in a cover, which sits behind the ear, passing the sound processed with any type of tubing, passing the house, ears, and bottom allows for. In-ear canal itself


There are some advantages of BTE ear machines. let’s take a look at them

Advantages of BTE hearing aids

  1. Thin-tube BTE hearing aids can generally be more appropriate and invisible than the Custom Unseen-In-Canal (IIC) and fully-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids.
  2. Very powerful for the loss of serious hearing so right
  3. Various types of ear dome and ear swings can be fitted to make them right for various types of hearing loss.
  4. Dual microphones help to increase speech understanding.
  5. Wireless and Telcool options.


  • In the ear(ITE): Smaller devices are becoming more and more popular. Despite the increase in the availability of small RIC and thin-tubing BTE products, many people still prefer the idea of ​​canal hearing aids. For most people without the hearing aid experience, ITC (in-in-canal) or ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aid is still thought to offer a more cosmetic fit and many people initially consider these When asked for first hearing the hearing of the AIDS poster. Most manufacturers distinguish between the ITC and ITE, usually on the basis of size. ITC models are generally manufactured smaller than ITEs. ITEs are also categorized as ‘full-shell’ or ‘half-shell,’ which describes how much of the concha section will be filled.



Advantages of ITE hearing aids

The very powerful and thoughtful hearing may be appropriate for loss.

Ideal for someone who has limited expertise and decreased vision.

Dual microphones help to increase speech understanding.

Wireless & Telcool Options

The extended surface area means that they are less likely.


  • In the canal(ITC): In-canal hearing aids are better than other hearing aids. They are manufactured and carved to fit in the lower third part of your outer ear. Extraction chord ITC may be suitable for hearing aids in injection and can remove size 312 (brown) batteries from ITC hearing aid house. Normal size 312 batteries range between 5-7 days, but this can vary in the number of hours per day, the hearing aid is on time, the severity of the hearing impairment and the hearing of the hearing technology level


Advantages of  In-The-Canal(ITC) Hearing Aids

More advanced initially suggests that their size and generally good for light / serious hearing loss is good.

Ideal for someone who has less expertise and less vision.

Dual microphones help to improve sensitive speech in noise.

Wireless & Telcool Options

Raised surface area means they are less likely:

– Reaction due to sound leakage

– Do loose work while talking and chewing, especially if you


  • Completely in the canal(CIC):. Canal aids are completely fitted in the ear. This type of hearing aid is used for the loss of light hearing. This type of hearing aid is completely fit inside the ear and it seems that it is almost invisible. These hearing aids come with limitations. People with severe hearing loss can not opt ​​for this type of hearing aid because the amplification power of this hearing aid is very low.

Advantages of CIC hearing aids

    1. Small size and low profile
    2. They basically recommend more powerful than their small size and are generally correct for light / serious hearing loss.
    3. The location of the microphone in the ear canal, unlike the ear hunt, helps with it:
    4. Most constructors present CIC auditory instruments with both wireless and telecoil preferences, even if they are slightly larger in size.

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