Best tour to go for in UAE

Beautiful emirate of UAE:
Abu Dhabi is a very popular place. Have you ever tried to find the reason behind its popularity? If not then you don’t have to worry, you are the correct place to know all about Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is very famous for its beaches, parks, shopping malls, museums and etc. It is known for its mosques as well. The tourist from a lot of places come here to spend their vacations by booking their deal for Abu Dhabi City Tour. You can say that Abu Dhabi is the center of attraction within the UAE. Once you visit this place you will never feel like leaving this place. Now let me tell you about the famous places that are a must visit in your Abu Dhabi City Tour.

Places to visit in your Abu Dhabi Tour:
Let’s talk about the famous mosque of Abu Dhabi First-

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
This mosque is very popular for its Islamic Design. It is very huge in size so that a lot of worshippers can pray here. This is a mosque where people of all kinds of religions can come and have a visit to this place.

Then comes the two famous palaces-

Al Bateen Palace:
Anyone who is interested to see the Islamic designs can visit this place. This palace is constructed with the Islamic designs all over the palace and these Islamic designs are the main reason behind the increased tourist attraction here at this palace.

Emirates Palace:
This palace is famous for its Arabic Culture. Tourist comes here at this palace to enjoy the great Arabic culture vibes here and trust me these vibes stick with you for a lifetime.

Have you ever heard about Heritage Village?
Heritage Village is very famous for its Arabic Culture. The artifacts here showcases the talents of Arabian craftsmen and artists. If anyone is interested in knowing about the history of UAE and what the culture was at that time then they should definitely visit this place in their Abu Dhabi Tour.

Then Comes the Famous Island of Abu Dhabi

Yas Island:
This Island is a place where any person of any age can enjoy. The beauty of this Island is the reason behind its uniqueness and popularity. Visit this place click some pictures here and get amazed by its beauty.

Then comes the Famous Ferrari World
Ferrari world is a theme park which is famous for its unique rides especially the roller coaster here. This par is a very unique and popular park here at Abu Dhabi. It is very difficult to explain the amount of fun you get on these rides. You have to visit this pace to know about the amount of fun-filled activities here.

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