5 Best Craft Beer Pubs in London: List of must-visit pubs!

London beer scene has never been a dull case, but it was never as colourful as it is now, especially for the beer people who just love diving into rare flavours, flavours that are purely created out of love for the beers above anything else. The craft beers that are found in these pubs attract crowds loyal to them and to the unique ambience of the pubs they are served in.

If you are also on a lookout for great craft beers (in the beer glasses these deserve) that might draw you to its respective pub, you are at the right post. Here is a list of 5 of the most happening craft beer pubs sprinkled around London.

List Of 5 Of The Most Happening Craft Beer Pubs

·        The Harp


If you want to visit a place that seems like being your old friend about whom you think about without thinking: The Harp it is! Located at a stone’s throw from Charing Cross station, the pub serves a good mix of both traditional beers and unique craft beers.

While visiting a the-always-crowded pub, it sorts of dawns upon the guests the cosiness and easy camaraderie of the place offers. The hanging baskets of flowering plants at the entrance, walls studded with portraits with no particular theme on mind and furniture that undeniably invites to sit, relax and enjoy the evening all make a powerful combination to spend an evening here.

In addition to the ambience, the place is known for classic cask ales along with selected brews infused with unique flavours. Don’t be shy to ask for the recommendations if you are not in a mood to go for the regular beers found here. CAMRA award often comes to them for their excellence every year so you know you are in a good place. Lovers of draught ales are sure to find something to their liking as the place has some of the best ones in the store.

·        Earl of Essex

Earl of Essex

Established in 2012, the place is located near the Regent’s Canal, is meant to endow its guests a sense of calm. Those, who love the company of plants, can find solace in the section where the casual sitting arrangement is enhanced by the surrounding plants and their greenery. Another section inside the pub has windows overlooking the entrance. So you get cosy and rush in a single place.

It keeps a selection of 18 beers, plus or minus. Selections from local London breweries such as Beavertown and Redemption are proudly displayed here. And you get the great recommendation on food to be paired with the beer of your choice so that you need not to waste time on thinking rather than enjoying the time you got. And then just to relax, even more, there’s a lovely small beer garden too.

·        The Southampton Arms

Southampton Arms

If you are among those who choose a place because they could take bookings and have a fancy website to attract you and give some time to make your mind up to even think about coming to a place, The South Hampton Arms is not for you. Come here for some relaxing casual time with your friends, sample some of the fine flavours brewed in small and independent breweries and grab something to converse about. Could it get any simpler?

And if you are an absolute fan of holding conversations around a fire with a choice craft beer, this is the place you were thinking about without realising (or even knowing). Finding itself serving and promoting cider ales crafted in local, small breweries around the London, The South Hampton Arms seems to be involved in a good cause that’s also profitable to them!

·        The Duke Heads

Duke Heads

If you are a fan more of a beer event like the annually held ‘Swearing on the Horns’ (because you get to have a load of fun and meet new people in every single one of them!) rather than the beer itself, this is the place to be in regularly. Stay in touch with the pub and you would be notified of the events as and when they are about to happen. It is then on you to go sample their latest flavours, matched with the fantastic street food they serve. The modern appeal of the pub, while still maintaining the classic touch, is a major draw to the place as well.

The flavours found among kegs and casks are novel every time you visit the pub so mark your favourites and keep updated with their list; who knows when would you see your favourite once again (kidding! often the favourites are repeated). You can easily become a fan of N1 session pale brewed in Hammerton, a local brewery. It is considered to be the perfect weeknight pint by most of the pub-goers. What’s more, the happy hours would never give you a moment to regret the decision to come to the pub!

·        Exmouth Arms

Exmouth Arms

If you want a place that’s good and popular but not really crowded all the time, Exmouth Arms is the pub to go to. This boozer has kept all the options open even if you are looking for non-beer beverages for the time being. And those who have fallen in love with the craft beer have come to the right place to taste some of the best flavours served from kegs, casks and bottles (if you are looking for that option just for the sake of it!). For those who have food on a mind, seafood is what they serve best, so plan accordingly.

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