Why Do Humans Suffer From Cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growing process of abnormal cells in the body and it can happen anywhere and anyplace in the body. For the most part, the cancer cells can split far from the first mass of cells. it can pass through the blood cells, and lymph system and enter the other different organs where they rehash the uncontrolled cycle of growth. The process of cancer cells is called metastasis, leaving one area and forming in the other part of the body.

To get an answer to this question, first, we have to understand that what is cancer?
In fact, cancer is the result of the process of human development. Human beings suffer cancer like that because they are big and intriguing. As a result of the process of development, we have got the cancerous disease. This kind of new thinking is also preparing to fight the disease.

In order to understand how cancer is, we must understand the phenomenal process within us.

Every organism, the development of every human being, is caused by the distribution of cells present in our body. The human body begins to form from one cell itself.

A pancreatic cell is formed by the combination of female egg and male sperm. Repeated distribution of the same cell develops us. By the time we reach the age of 18, the cells of our bodies have been distributed billions of times. This process of dividing the cells occurs in a highly controlled environment.

Just as many fingers of your hands become self-centered during your fingers. Then it becomes a place between your two fingers. Cancer is also caused by the division of cells. The only difference is that while the development of the body parts, the division of the cells occurs in a very controlled environment.


According to Timothy Vell (Cambridge University professor)
The cancer is actually a waste of the process of dividing the cells. Our genes have control over this splitting of cells in our body.

When any genes fail to perform these responsibilities for some reason, the process of splitting cells becomes out of control. Generally, this does not happen.

The splitting of the cells is closely watched by our genes. Whenever a cell starts to be out of the system, it is slaughtered on the order of the jeans so that the distribution of cells is not out of control.


According to Charles Swanton (British scientist)
The process of cell division has been developed in millions of years. On this, the control of the genes stays to a certain extent. But sometimes the talk becomes uncontrollable.

Only then does a person have cancer. The disease is caused by the fracture of certain selected cells. But it spreads so fast that it is impossible to stop them.

These cells are uncontrollable, when there is an internal change in them, then they begin to grow by refusing to accept the order of the jeans. It comes in front of us as a tumor or a neoplasm.


Generally, we can understand the process of development through a tree.

Just as a plant grows from a seed, then it turns into a tree, in its entire branches. Similarly, the onset of cancer is also the result of a change in a cell.

When the division of cells begins to be rapidly uncontrollable, the cancer plant becomes a tree, which has many branches. His tree is cut off for the destruction of any tree. Scientists are thinking of ending the toxin tree inside human beings in this manner.

Charles Swanton and his team are working in this direction. They say that the cancerous cell is formed by the process of mutation called the phenomenon. Mutation or mutation means that there is a sudden change in the genes of that cell. With this, the cells become uncontrollably divided and growing.


Scientists say that targeting this change within any cell can lead to the destruction of cancer.

The remaining cells will also end. But, it happens that there is a difference in the division of the cells. Like many different branches of trees emerge. Similarly, different branches of cancer cells are also present.

British scientist Charles Swanton and his colleagues believe that this change occurred in the cells for catastrophic cancer. Because this is the reason for their negligence. If these transformed cells triple attack, firstly, cancer patients will need to find out what changes have occurred in them.

Then he has to find a way to make a goal, every patient will have to look for a special antigen so that these rebel cells can be done at all. However, one of the reasons for the increase in the number of cancer patients is the change in the average age of the human. Today people are more alive than ever before. Having a long life means more risk of cancer.

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