Top 5 Flowers for Meditation and Their Healing Properties

One thing which heals our body and relaxes our mind is none other than a good deep meditation. This is such a powerful practice; you don’t even need to do any other thing than this to keep yourself healthy, fit and active. There are so many types of meditations are present, from a beginner to an expert, everybody has something to learn new.


It’s the combination of all senses:

Meditation is the perfect coordination of all the senses of our body which works together and soothes our body. One such sense is smelling. If you smell good, you will feel good. This is the reason; it is suggested to use fresh and fragranceful flowers in your meditation process. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 fresh flowers for meditation which you can use to enhance your yoga and meditation process.


Top 5 Flowers for mental health & Rejuvenating Meditation experience:


  1. Roses:

Roses hold a special place in body rejuvenation phenomena. The freshness and light fragrance of roses calms your mind and increase your focus towards the meditation. You can use the rose in many ways like use petals in your room or put some fresh petals in water, this not only looks good but also makes you relax.

Apart from these, the rose has so many other things to offer to you for your good health. It is a very rich source of the anti-inflammatory compound which make you feel light and cool. You can use rose petals while making desserts for decoration, they will not only look good but also offer health benefits.


Why choose the amazing rose:

  • Rose petals are the best source of natural coolant for your body.
  • Rose gives you a little dose of vitamin A and C
  • It can be used for creating skin friendly home perfume


  1. Lilies:

When it comes to relaxation and flowers for health, we can’t ignore lilies. These small and adorable flowers take your meditation process to a whole new level. The fresh scent of lilies and natural white colour is just enough to take off your tiredness in just a few minutes. The active fragrance of lilies makes your mind calm and more active.

Along with roses, you can keep lilies also in the water bowl and let the most attractive fragrance reach your senses and do their magic and calm down your body and remove toxins. It is one of the best flowers for mental health.


Why choose lucrative lilies:

  • The pleasant and ideal fragrance for yoga
  • Keeps you fresh all day long
  • Fewer flowers for greater positive scented vibes


  1. Daffodil:

These yellow colour and mild smelling flowers are perfect to include in your self-rejuvenating session. The main quality of these flowers is that they don’t mask the natural flavours of other flowers, it complements the other scents by its own soothing vibes. Daffodils are one of the best flowers for meditation and yoga.

You can easily find these cute yellow flowers at your nearest florist or simply order them online and get delivery at your doorsteps. If you have not tried these yet, you should definitely give them a try.


Why choose dreamy daffodil:

  • Mild and loving scent
  • Looks attractive and eye-soothing
  • Helps you feel good by its vibrant colour


  1. Jasmine:

Jasmine is quite a popular flower which is taken in use for better meditation and increasing focusing power. A bunch of jasmines is enough to make you feel detox and relaxing in just a few seconds. Keep them near to your place and enjoy the majestic vibes of it. You can mix them with roses and lilies for creating an amazing aroma.

If jasmine flowers are new to you, start by including a small portion and for sure, you will enjoy the company. In addition to this, the natural white colour of jasmines feels refreshing.


Why choose majestic jasmine:

  • The aroma of jasmine is very pleasant
  • Keep them with other flowers to enhance the scent
  • Makes you feel good by its natural white colour


  1. Lotus:

Last but not the least is the lotus, the lotus has very old roots towards the meditation, Ayurveda and spiritual satisfaction. The bright and beautiful shape of lotus feels like the completeness of life and rejuvenation. The openness of Lotus makes you open to the positive energy and vibes.

You must try lotus while meditating and feel the infinite energy of this beautiful creation of nature for you. As Lotus is also available in multiple colours like pink or white, you can go for your favourite one.


Why choose the lovely lotus:

  • Makes you feel relaxed
  • Natural medicinal properties
  • Looks amazing and feels good

pWe hope you will definitely try these flowers in your meditation sessions for making it more effective and relaxing. You can try indulging into these amazing flowers one by one to find out which flower vibes you love the most. Feel the nature with fresh blissful nature’s gifts.

Author bio: Pratik is one of the leading florists in Pune, India. From last 5 years, he is serving flower bouquet for various reasons. Presently, he is running a flower shop in Pune successfully with flower delivery service. In this blog, he has mentioned how a flower can help our mental health with the power of meditation.

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