Things to explore near Chennai- Beauty for Eastern Tamilnadu

Undoubtedly Chennai is one of the most important gateway to the scenic beauty for all the tourists. Visiting Chennai at a low cost rate…Finding difficulties… Call the expert advisor for more details!!! Chennai is one of the most important destination which offers a sweltering heat and a good traffic makes it an ideal place to be lost for long weekends which can plan very well with amazing discounted travel package available with Yatra Coupons. The different places of Chennai are as follows:

  1. Mahabalipuram: This is declared to one of the heritage site in Chennai by UNESCO. This place shows the different ruins of the temples which is boasting with a rich architectural legacy in this country. This place is mainly attracted by the Mamallapuram Dance Festival, as this is one of the famous and a remarkable festive dance shall not be missed by the visitors.
  2. Pulicat: This is small sea shore in the heart of the own. As this offers an invigorating and a very thrilling experience for the expedition. This place is sited with a barricade island of the Sriharikota which is mainly divides itself within the Lake Pulicat from the Bay of Bengal. However, this is one of the best destination in Chennai for short trips. This has been discovered that the tourism trustee board has organised the Flamingo Festival when this place is filled with this bird species and they accumulate themselves in the swampy regions of the Pulicat Lake.
  3. Kanchipuram: This is one of the best place to be visited by most of the tourists around Chennai. Kanchipuram is one of the rich city of Chennai. This is mainly referred to as the golden city which is occupied with more than thousands of temples. This place is also regarded as the Silk City which is famous for crafting traditional silk Sarees. As Kanchipuram is mainly considered as one of the Seven Sacred Cities present in India.
  4. Tirupati: The richest site of the pilgrimage sight of India is Tirumala Venkatesawara temple in India. Here, the main temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Venkatesawara, this is found in the form of Hindu God in the idol of Vishnu, which is located in the Tirumala Hills. However, the visitors cannot miss the evergreen sight of this ornate heaven which is something beyond the hillocks of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam which is named as the TTD Gardens.
  5. Vellore: Vellore Fort is marked as one of the most prominent landmarks of this city. This acts as one of the perfect blend of the rich cultural heritage which is a reminiscent sight. This was mainly formed during the Dravidian Civilisation as one of the picturesque scenery of Chennai.
  6. Pondicherry: Pondicherry is one of the most important and one of the most popular tourist places which is near Chennai. This creates a vibe in the town which mainly fades a colonial bohemian chic with a touch from the nature from the new age of International French Culture. However, Union Territory of India which is blend of urban architectural style. Explore the love of travelling by planning to see all nearby unexplored areas of Pondicherry for which you can take book your package available with Goibibo Coupons today.
  7. Nellore: Nellore is known for its religious importance which is bestowed upon the city of Chennai by a great Telegu poet named as Tikanna Somayaji. This has been researched that this poet has been translating the 15 parvas of Mahabharata from Sanskrit to Telegu in Nellore. This is one of the auspicious places which is blended with the myths of Mahabharata.
  8. Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills is also regarded as the Nandidurg, which is significant because of the ancient Hill fortress. This is served by a numerous dynasties from the yesteryears. This place is accompanied with lofty hills which is known as the Nandidurg which is an ancient hill fortress present in South India and also offers a magnificent sight to all the tourists and its visitors to get a clear view from its peaks about the city.
  9. Madurai: This is one of the best place which gives out the glimpse of witnessing about the ancient Dravidian Culture. However, this region is also gorging with some of its best food in this region. Here, this place is mainly rich with cuisines which is unbeatable. However, Madurai is the food capital of South.
  10. Bear Shola Falls: This is tall waterfall which is serving from the forest. This is said that his forest mainly bears used to drink the water from the top of this waterfall. Hence, this has been named after this. This fall is ideal as one of the recommended picnic spot which is found near Bangalore in the Kondaikanal Town, only during the rainy season. However, when the water falls down this gives one of the best view of the falls to its fullness.
  11. Rameshwaram: Rameshwaram is one of the fishing town and a holy pilgrimage to all the people in Chennai. This city is a pilgrimage to all as it is placed at the centre of this home to some of the spectacular places to be worshipped in the country. This place is also recognised as one of the best place be visited around Chennai.
  12. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary: Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is a place which gives security to all the birds and all species animals. This sanctuary is present beside the banks of the river which is sharing its name with a quaint lake. This lake is decorated by a landscape. Hence, this is one of the best place to be visited in Chennai.
  13. Thekkalady: This is one of the most important wildlife reserves of India present in Chennai. This place spreads across an entire district which gives a picturesque plantation of the hills of the town so that this can hold great opportunities for trekking or walking over mountains.
  14. Kumbakonam: Kumbakonam is one of the most popular places found in Chennai because this place fetches a great view of the festival of colours which is disclosed with fairs and festivals. The Mahamaham Festival mainly is held near Mhamaham Tank which celebrates certain festivals enthusiastically. This festival is one of the major festival to attract most of the tourist.
  15. Chettinad: Chettinad is a very interesting place to travel by all form of antiquarian. Chettinad is also famous as one of the most auspicious land of the Chettiars, and is regarded as one of the wealthiest merchant families present in Tamil Nadu.

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