The Rich Cultural Music Of Morocco

Music gives our soul the treat which is unforgettable, all the moments which you have spent are revived in a very beautiful form of memorial clips because the nostalgia that music can give is incredibly amazing. For those who love to taste different forms and flavors of music always in an urge of discovering more variety of it.

Many people know that Morocco is the center of many cultural and traditional activities but very few know that the art which makes Morocco one of the most melodious countries in the whole world includes the art of traditional and cultural music of this country. Which is not only famous inside the country but people from all around the world praise Moroccan music as the purest form of music found n earth right now! The tendency of this music makes it dominant and part of Morocco tourist attractions.

The Musical Art Forms Present In Morocco

They say that no matter how much you desire to discover the music, you can never completely end your study and extract the result. The reason is that music has so many hidden connections that no one can ever master in all these connections at once. You need time and research to acknowledge the depth which this traditional music holds. Here I am going to share the detail of five musical forms of Moroccan traditional and cultural music.

Nuba Classical Music

This classical music was of different types and there was a different Nuba for different times of the day. Unfortunately, most of it is lost or converted into other forms, so the pure form is difficult to achieve. The complete Nuba last for six to seven hours continuously and consist of five parts. The original form of this classical music was found in the state of Fes, Rabat, and Tetouan. There is proper orchestra who performs this sort of music with the selective and unique instruments, qanun (zither), darbuka (metal or pottery goblet drums), rabab (fiddle), oud (lute), kamenjah (a violin-style instrument played vertically on the knee) and Tarija (tambourine).

Gharnati Traditional Music

Though this music is Algerian music and played there, although Moroccans can hear this at the centers like Rabad and Oujda. This fusion of Algerian and Morrocan music, Nuba gives birth to the new form of Arba Andalusian music. This form of music combines the ouds and kamenjahs with banjo mandolin and kwitra (Algerian Lute) respectively presenting a fine mixture.

Sufi Soulful Music

Every country has it’s own form of soulful music, here in Morocco this music is a part of Muslim culture. In fact, if say ha Sufi music was originally generated by the Islamic culture then it won’t be wrong at all. This type of music in Morocco is played in the Islamic festivals with the Sufi dance as well. This music and dance in these festivals make them the center of Morocco tourist attractions.

Milhun Cultural Music

In this form of cultural music, the poetry is sung in the beautiful way, where the lyrics are more focused than the rhythm and that is the reason it is considered as the semiclassical branch of Moroccan music. There is an orchestra who sing this form of music with the help of kamenjah, swisen (a folk lute), the hadjouj (a bass swisen), Tarija, darbuka, tiny brass cymbals, oud and, many singers.

Andalous Music

This music is a part of a rich tribal history of whole North Africa from 1000 years and that is the reason why this music is heard in Morocco as well. This music is played on the national tv regularly as it represents the old Nuba as well and considered prestigious in whole North Africa.

So if you are an explorer with the love of music then you need to visit Morocco as soon as possible and if you have visited Morocco but missed to recognize the importance of music there then book your tickets again!

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