Romantic Dhow Cruise: All You Need to Know about Dhow Cruise in Dubai

There are plenty of ways to surprise your loved one and spend some romantic time in idyllic places and attractions such as beaches, spa, and an island or may be a fine dining restaurant. Nevertheless, nothing speaks romance as a serene cruise down the gently rippling waters where you and your beloved are cocooned in your own little space of privacy. Combine it with a rich fine dining experience accompanied by mellowed music and entertainment and you have a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Head to Dubai and discover a fairytale-like experience on ethnic, yet romantic cruises. Here you will find everything you need to know about romantic dhow cruises and also how to find the perfect one for you and your partner.


Types of Dhow Cruises in Dubai

Dubai is a land of extraordinary experiences and you can expect nothing less than a perfect outing for romantic escapades. Before you book a dhow cruise for a romantic date night with your partner, it is important to do your research. Here are our top three pick of romantic cruises in Dubai.


Dubai Creek Cruise:

Dubai Creek Cruise

The Dubai Creek meanders through the emirate as a refreshing oasis overlooking some of the most intriguing sights of Dubai. Get onboard on a traditional Arabic wooden boat that has been used as sailing vessel since centuries and sample a slice of Dubai’s contrasting cityscape of old and new, as well as its iridescent night scene. Share a sublime evening with your beloved on a cruise on the Creek and enjoy a charming sunset as you glide over the creased waters bathed in twilight. Watch the city come alive and shimmer in thousands of lights as the evening fades into a lively night. Enjoy a drink together as you admire beautiful sights on the shoreline of Dubai Creek, the ancient souks, illuminated skyscrapers and architectural marvels. Out amid the fresh breeze and transcendent ambience; enjoy a romantic dinner served with exquisite dishes, ranging from Middle Eastern to continental specialties. Delve in your hearty meal surrounded by melodious performances and traditional dance shows.


Dubai Marina Cruise:

Dubai Marina Cruise

If you are seeking a romantic cruise experience other than on the Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina dhow cruise is a great option. It is similar to the Dubai Creek dhow cruise, except for the fact that Dubai Marina cruise is a richer experience quality wise and the change in the scenery is exceptionally incredible. Termed as New Dubai, this artificial marina gives a Venetian feeling to its visitors, with manmade canal carved along the Persian shoreline. Its surroundings are converted into an ultra modern city teemed with prominent skyscrapers with contemporary architecture and an elegant waterfront promenade docked with luxury yachts. Make your evening wonderfully memorable on a dhow floating restaurant and have a light hearted evening among the illuminated ambience. Settle on the deck with your favorite drink while enjoying a magnificent sunset on the city horizon and indulge in sweet nothings until it is time to dine in style and savor an elegant menu of sumptuous Emirati or International cuisines.  You can also tweak up your romantic date with a cruise down the Dubai Marina on a rented yacht and add a touch of luxury to your special evening as you sail past luxury residences, long lazy stretches of beaches and chic promenades.


Musandam Cruise – Oman:

Musandam Cruise

Craving for something sublime and solitary away from the rushes of the city? Head to the Musandam Peninsula at the border of Oman and Dubai for a refreshing getaway amongst serene nature.  Loaded with breathtaking panoramas, rugged mountains and a rich underwater world, a trip to the Musandam peninsula in a traditional Arabic dhow is an inspiring voyage for couples to have some adventure during their time together. An overnight cruise at the Musandam Peninsula is an ideal romantic journey that begins in the evening when the sky changes into shades of amber, letting you cherish a beautiful sunset on the Arabian horizon. After your arrival, refresh and dig into a delicious barbeque dinner. Spend some idle time on the beach in a cozy campsite and wind up for the day with an overnight stay under the starry Arabian night. Next day early morning, tuck into a delicious breakfast before proceeding for a full day of cruise and adventure activities. You and your partner will have the time of your lives sailing through the Musandam fjords amid captivating nature vistas and enjoying snorkeling, kayaking and splashing around in the clear azure waters. The trip to Musandam will be one of your most cherished times spend with your loved one.


Things to Know While Booking a Romantic Dhow Cruise

Apart from knowing about the different types of dhow cruises that happen in and around Dubai, you also need to know about the things to consider while booking one.

  • Timing – To ensure that your romantic getaway is not spoiled, it is necessary to make an advance booking for the cruise. You also have to be sure about the timing of the dhow cruise since many dhows take passengers on a ride from morning until late evening. Several tour operators provide transportation facilities and collect and drop guests from and at their hotels. They have all the resources to ensure your tour to Dubai dhow cruise is fantastic.
  • Seating Alternatives – The dhows are given a modern face-lift with a view to accommodate all the needs of the passengers. The seating arrangements to offer maximum comfort to guests are aesthetically taken care of. The dhows have two levels – the lower deck and the upper deck. The lower deck is designed to house a great number of people at one go. There are table and chairs nicely arranged for guests to enjoy meals with their special ones. But the upper deck is the one where most of the couples want to be since they get privacy as well as luxury together. Just imagine you and your lover on the upper deck, under the moonlight enjoying a glass of wine and delicious food, and soaking in the beauty of the sparkling buildings illuminated with lights.
  • Refreshments –The dhow cruise management takes care of this vital aspect. They serve the best food to their guests. You can enjoy a delicious buffet with the choicest dishes from Arabic and other international cuisines. Apart from this, you would also be served wine or even champagne at your table. However, you would have to pay extra charges for the same.
  • Fun activities – In addition to the state-of-the-art interior and ambiance that is extremely romantic romance, the dhow tour also offers fun activities to keep the guests entertained. There are several activities for couples, including magic shows, comedy shows, Tanoura dancing and live band. You can even dedicate a love song to your beloved by requesting the band to play the song.


How to Plan Your Dhow Cruise

There are several Dubai cruise deals offered to tourists since the competition among the tour operators are stiff. Many will offer attractive discounts and other facilities to lure customers. So, while picking up the best deal, just check the distance of the boarding point from your hotel. In addition, there’s still a need to play your element in ensuring that everything works out well. Here are some recommendations on how you may do simply that:

  • To book the cruise, search in advance and make the payment online. Once the payment is made, the booking is confirmed. You can use a credit card or debit card for the payment. Digital vouchers may be used for booking the tour.
  • Be aware of the pickup time so that you can be ready when the vehicle comes to pick you up. Most of the dhow operators would notify you of the times and changes on cruise timings, if any.
  • To enjoy a romantic cruise, you must book the upper deck. It is the open deck without any air-conditioning, but the natural breeze and the moonlight will compensate this shortfall. If you want to make your romantic getaway special, book the entire upper deck, just for you and your beloved.

With so much information with you, it would be easy to book a dhow cruise for a romantic date night. A relaxing dhow cruise is a perfect way to spend some quality time with the love of your life.

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