How to Treat and Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common foot problem. It normally happens between the toes, especially for those who have sweaty feet when they wear tight fitting shoes. There are some common symptoms you can see such as stinging, itching, and burning. If you don’t find the way to treat, it can be spread.     This problem is associated with other fungal infections like jock itch. You can treat the problem thanks to over-the-counter anti fungal medications. However, this method doesn’t offer long-term effect because it can cause the infection later. Now, let’s take a look at this article to learn about this food condition as well as essential treatments for you.


This foot problem is actually the result of the same type of fungus. It can lead to jock itch and ringworm. You shouldn’t wear damp socks and shoes. Indeed, they are ideal for the organisms’ growth. In fact, you can get this problem if you contact those who are infected.


It usually leads to a scaly red rash in between the toes first. Once you suffer from it, you have itching after taking off shoes and socks. Some types are accompanied by blisters or ulcers. Many sufferers think this is eczema or dry skin. It can be spread not only to in your feet but also to your hand.

Risk factors

If you are a man, it’s easy to suffer from athlete’s foot. One different cause is wearing damp socks. In addition, avoid wearing a too tight pair of shoes. It will be terrible if you share rugs, mats, clothes, bed liners, and shoes with people who are suffering from a fungal infection. Last, don’t walk barefoot if you are in a public area such as saunas, communal baths, swimming pools, or locker rooms.


If you don’t know how to treat athlete’s foot, it can spread to some different body parts such as your hand, your nail, and your groin.

  • Your hand: If you scratch at the infected parts, you can cause a similar infection in your hand after that.
  • Your nail: This foot condition also can be able to infect your toenails.
  • Your groin: In fact, it’s hard to avoid this because your hand or your towel can cause athlete’s foot from the feet to the groin.

Home Remedies for This Condition

If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, you may get some terrible problems such as ulcers or blisters. That’s why you feel pain. Don’t worry! There are some effective home remedies youcan consult. Here are some of them:

Over-the-counter treatments

For athlete’s foot condition, you can consult a lot of over-the-counter treatments. They include lotions, powders, sprays, as well as ointments. This method is effective for many sufferers without other options. These treatments allow you to apply directly to the area that is affected. It’s best to use them within at least one week so that the infection can’t return.

Hydrogen peroxide

This method is an effective solution. It can help to kill the fungus on your foot’s surface. At the same time, it’s also effective on any surface bacteria you can easily get infected. It’s very simple. You only need to apply hydrogen peroxide to the needed area directly. It’s essential to do it twice a day until the infection is improved for the best result.

Tea tree oil

Many people use tea tree oil to relieve their foot problem. The main reason is that it’s available in incredible antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Many studies show that tea tree oil is a good choice for athlete’s foot treatments.

In order to do this, you need to make a mixture of about 20 to 50% tea tree oil with a carrier oil. For example, you can use the warm coconut oil. Then, apply it four times daily to the affected area.

Neem oil

You can use neem oil as well as neem leaf for your treatments because both of them come with incredible antifungal capabilities. So, you can use them to treat your athlete’s foot. They allow you to apply directly to you feet. It’s best to do this 2 or 3 times per day. At the same time, you should give your skin a massage for better results.

Rubbing alcohol

This is a favorite option for many families. Normally, rubbing alcohol is used to clean cuts. In fact, it can be able to kill the fungus on your skin. And, it allows you to apply directly to your affected area. If possible, you should pour about rubbing alcohol into the water in your footbath as the ratio 7:3. Then, soak your feet in it for 30 minutes.


Although they are accompanied by a strong scent, it’s a great treatment for your athlete’s foot. According to one study, garlic can help 79% sufferers relieve athlete’s foot only after 1 week. So, how to use it? Well, you only need to crush garlic (about 4 cloves). Then, you need to rub them over your feet with athlete’s foot condition. We encourage you to do this twice a day.

Sea salt baths

Because they come with strong antibacterial properties, it’s really an effective treatment for athlete’s foot. Actually, sea salt baths can be able to prevent athlete’s foot from the growth. You can also mix them with other natural treatments such as vinegar. We recommend you to soak your feet in the mixture of warm water and a cup of sea salt for about 20 minutes. After soaking, remember to dry your feet.

Talcum powder

You can prevent your feet from this foot condition by control your sweat and moisture. So, consider using talcum powder in order to keep your feet dry and clean. It may be applied directly to your athlete’s foot. It’s better to do it before you put on your socks. However, do it carefully. This can prevent you from inhaling talcum powder.

Time to see a doctor

If your problem isn’t reduced after 1 week you apply home treatments, it’s time to see your doctor. You will receive prescription antifungals from him. They may be essential for you to get rid of the infection at that time. Besides, he can also help to diagnose your condition by looking at it. Then, you will get useful advice.

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