Myths about anti-aging

The market is flooded with skin care creams and products that claim to be miracle products to prevent you from aging. But you would have through your own experience or from the experiences of others realized that they do not deliver what they claim. It is because there is nothing that can stop the aging process. All the creams and even natural ingredients that you use for skin care are only measures you take to slow down the aging process by replenishing the tired and weary cells with nutrients that can keep them fresh. The  anti aging creams can only be products you dream of. There is none in reality.

Myths and the facts


Expensive skin care products are good

In your quest to slow down aging or search for an anti-aging product, you might land up buying an expensive product correlating the cost to quality. But it is not quite that way. Even the most expensive skin care products could contain ingredients that are not quite that good for the skin and for repeated use.

The fact- The ingredients and its effectiveness determine the quality, not the cost.


Buying all products of the same brand would be effective

This refers to buying the cleanser, moisturizer, facemask, exfoliating cream, as well as anti aging cream from the same brand because they would complement each other and would be more effective in bringing positive results.

The fact– The skin might get irritated due to exposure to too many products and the combination of natural and chemical ingredients in them.

Myth- 3

Anti-aging skin creams reverse the aging process

Most of the moisturizing creams in the market claim anti aging as one of the benefits that you can get by applying the cream regularly. They also claim that an aged person can look young and youthful again by using the cream.

The fact– The moisturizing creams only help the skin to maintain the moisture level in the skin. This will, in turn, make the skin look fresh. But, it can in no way reverse the aging process. The aging process is irreversible.


The natural ingredients are great anti aging products

There is no doubt that most of the products in your kitchen has properties that could promote healthy living, well-being and address aging issues. But, you must remember that you have to use them with care as they might contain allergens and infiltrated materials that may do more harm than good.

The fact– The best way to derive the benefits that the natural ingredients can offer is to search for products that contain the specific natural ingredient you are looking for.


Diet is in no way connected to aging

Though food cannot reverse aging, it can indeed play an important role in speeding up the aging process. Refined carbs, saturated fats, alcohol, and foods with high level of sugar have inflammatory properties. This can affect the internal organs and speed up the aging process.

The Fact- Taking foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins will certainly delay the aging process though they might not be anti-aging products.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the myths regarding the aging process. But, it is a fair list of the most common myths that will prevent you from spending your hard earned money on worthless products and avoiding things that actually matter.

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