5 Destinations That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Summer is almost over! That means you have a very limited window of opportunity for a quick and affordable getaway. Recently I was using my Frontier internet to look for beautiful locations to visit this summer without busting the bank. I managed to narrow down my search to five destinations that you can visit this summer without going bankrupt. Here are my five picks:

  1. Nice, France

Nice is a destination that is abundantly sunny in the summers. Enjoy some very bubbly champagne by the beachside bars and eat some of the finest cuisines France has to offer. All this and more is possible in the beautiful setting of the French Riviera. Sure, while you’re on a budget you may have to swap the expensive Cristal and opt for some supermarket fizzy. But the experience is worth every bit of it. Instead of renting a loud Lamborghini you may have to take the local Lignes d’Azur bus. Regardless, the sights you take in will still stay the same. To stay on budget, you can stock up on foods at the daily market in either Cours Saleya or Vieux Nice. Buy all your ingredients and make the perfect food basket for a picnic atop Mont Boron or other vantage points. Try out local cuisine like socca, salade Nicoise, and pissaladiere. And once you’re bored with just eating, visit Nice’s exquisite art galleries. Nice has many popular beaches, the best known of which are at Antibes and Cannes. To examine the very best of French wines, hop aboard a guided educational tour to Chateau de Bellet for sampling.

2. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is located in southern Portugal and has over 100 beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Grab a cheap flight to Faro and kick off your summer right away. A short ride on the airport bus will take you to Praia de Faro. Praia de Faro is a beach so big there is always room to find your own spot, even in tourist season. A must-stop destination is the once quaint fishing village of Albufeira, now a popular tourist spot thanks to its breathtaking beaches. Praia de Pescadores is the closest and most popular beach out of them all. Grab some traditional Portuguese eats that make Nandos seem like watered down slop. Public transport availability is limited in Portugal, so you may need to rent a small car to get around. To escape the general tourist herd, head to one of the smaller beaches like Praia da Gale. A must-see attraction is the gorgeous Ria Formosa, a beautiful coastal park. It consists of a lagoon, some islands, and 2 peninsulas. You will get to see some gorgeous instances of local wildlife there.

3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a place synonymous with partying, clubbing and a generally good time overall. The small island has a huge reputation. Ibiza is known for its super clubs, which host top DJs like David Guetta, and its all-night beach parties. You will probably run into a lot of students, ravers and overall party animals during your visit. The top party destinations for hardcore party people are San Antonio and Ibiza Town. Pacha and Amnesia are two of the most happening and biggest clubs on this island. They regularly host top DJs and are known for turning out a thumping success of a party. Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive with a forty-euro admittance fee and ten-euro drinks. So for those of you on a budget, the place to visit is the quiet resort of Santa Eulalia. Here you can kick back and relax in the refined setting and enjoy a quiet drink at a waterfront bar. Cala d’Hort is the perfect beach town for some sand time and cuisine.  If you visit after September, the party crowds are bound to have thinned out.

4. Malaga, Spain

Southern Spain is known for being a sunny summer getaway. Malaga is an easy flight away and cheaper than many destinations you could name. Also famous as Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, Malaga has summer temperatures in the 75-degree range. This makes it perfect for lounging on the beach and eating sumptuous lunches. The sun can get a bit too much, so be sure to pick up a straw sombrero to help protect you from the heat. Malaga can also be your starting point to explore the rest of Andalusia. A7, the main coastal highway, allows you to hire a small car and tour all the small towns along the coast. Malaga has a rich history, evidenced by Moorish architecture like Alcabaza, which is a must-see spot. Bus tours take you there as well as to Castillo de Gibralfaro which sits atop a hill overlooking the city.

5. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is the biggest city on the Turkish Mediterranean Coast and is a destination like no other. Antalya is good for a short weekend trip and makes a good value-for-money destination to visit. It’s pleasantly hot this time of year, with sunny days almost every day. The preferred mode of transport is the dolmus. It is a stuffed minibus that creeps along the curbs, stopping for anyone who hails. It may not be very comfortable but brings you up close to the locals. It also helps save money on taxi fares. Visit Antalya’s old quarter known as Kaleici. It is a maze of narrow streets and alleys, an accurate glimpse into Ottoman architecture and life. Try one of the quaint, small hotels here for the best of Turkish hospitality. They offer even better value for money than Frontier deals back home. Don’t forget to visit Turkey’s answer

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