Revitalise Yourself with a Vaishno Devi Package Trip

Taking a Vaishno Devi trip is not easy. You need to be totally dedicated to go through with it. But you could use some help of course. You might be too old to do it all by yourself. You might also be too young to handle everything on your own. You might be an adult with old parents and children trying to make a holy trip by taking a vaishnodevi package. You need some help to get this one right.

Book a Vaishno Devi package trip for the entire tour. You can rest assured that if you have hired a good group of travel planners, a reputed one, you will not regret it. They will take care of everything for you. You just need to have your IDs with you the entire time. Carry enough medicines, and book a holiday for the holy pilgrimage.

Things to Take

A Vaishno Devi trip is usually made by older people, so take all your prescribed medicines. This is not the scare you, but just to keep you on the safe side, carry medicines for two extra weeks. Just in case there is a delay in getting down to Delhi, you need your medicines to last. Also carry some common cold and stomach infection medicines, and paracetamol. First aid is a must as well.

Take some biscuits and dry fruits to keep with yourself on the trip. Make sure you have your IDs. Many hotels need them for security reasons as rules are strict. Also, carry enough cash even if you are more comfortable carrying a card. You may not find an ATM when you need it the most. So carry a bag with false beds and hide the extra cash in there.


Route Planning

You need to do a thorough route planning if you are going on your own. It is recommended to take a look at the various holiday packages in India to figure out the best route to and from Vaishno Devi. The commonest is the Delhi to Katra way. You will get exhausted. You will not like getting so tired overnight on the bus from Delhi to Katra. If you have stiff neck or spinal issues, you will feel aches that you need to take care of throughout the trip, from day 1. Carry pain relief sprays in your handbag.


When you arrive at Katra, you can use a night or two of rest at a hotel. Find out the prices of the hotels from the tour packages. You should make sure you do a thorough research so that you do not end up paying more than you should have. Some tour packages come with hotel room rates with the price of lunch, dinner, and a breakfast. If you find that convenient, go for it. But if you think that is too much involvement from a third party, go on your own but take the price details so that you know how much you will be spending per night.

The Goal

The main objective is to pray at the Mata Vaishno Devi temple. People don’t take a Vaishno Devi trip for mere sightseeing. But you get to do some sightseeing on the trip. You can go to the Katra local market on one of the days to calm your nerves and rest in the new place after a hard journey. You can go to Shivkholi as well. But for that you need to stay three nights if you want to be well rested. Usually the tour packages would not include this in their itinerary. But you can pay extra for an extra day of stay and the Shivkholi trip.

Booking a Helicopter

If you are taking a Vaishno Devi package including transport and all, you need to see if the package offers helicopter service. This becomes crucial for a Vaishno Devi tour. You need to remember that you should book the helicopter before you book hotels and the other transport options like trains and buses.

There is a chance that helicopter services aren’t available because of weather conditions or overbooking. That is why if you need a helicopter, you will have to plan your vacation according to the date you need the helicopter for.

You also might need to book palkhis for older people. You must have a trek guide with you to be safe. Ask around for the usual prices of the palkhis and how much you should give to each guide. Ask this to people who have recently been to Vaishno Devi.

Start Early

You need to plan the trip and even start the bookings early so that you get an opening for the time you are looking forward to take your leave. You need to be an early riser if you want to cover all the Darshan spots in one day. You shouldn’t waste two days on the Darshan visit, unless of course you want to go a second time. Otherwise, you are just wasting an entire new day and room fees because you did not start early or plan it well enough.

India Tour

When you come back from Vaishno Devi you will be filled with a holy attitude you picked up while praying. This happens to every person with faith. Maybe there is something about the cold climate and the difficult trek brings about renewed patience and courage to you.

So, after you get back you can look at holiday packages in India to choose your next destination.


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