Perfect place for a solo female traveler- Costa Rica

Looking to explore this world alone? Being a female traveler and that too traveling alone, you will enjoy Costa Rica a lot. The place is clustered with several places of tourist attraction. The destination is simply awesome for those traveling in budget. It is fabulous for a woman looking to travel alone.

The Latin American Country, Costa Rica is safe to travel. You may travel it with ease and create lifetime memories. You can be friends with locals, foreign travelers visiting from all across the globe. You may not know that Costa Rica is a top travel destination in the entire world for solo female travelers. A female traveler can indulge in tropical adventures and water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming and there are zip line tracks as well. Surprising moments waits for all the solo travelers out there. Costa Rica witness’s tropical climate and the country is popular for diverse culture, natural beauty and wildlife reserves. You will love to explore volcanoes, Rain Forests, beaches and involve in hiking, windsurfing, horse riding. If you want to gather information on Costa Rica activities for solo travelers, you may refer a guide to Costa Rica travel online. Let us check out why Costa Rica is perfect for solo female travelers.


Explore urban culture by visiting coffee shops and luncheon here

By spending 3-4 days in Costa Rica, you can explore Costa Rica urban culture along with international and Latin flavor. Take a stroll in the cities of Costa Rica and pay visit to the famous museums and places of historical importance. Watching people in the coffee shops will also acquaint you with Costa Rica culture. There are low cost hotels offering budget friendly accommodations. You can take up walking tours to explore the streets and local culture. Hotels can arrange sightseeing tours for you. Simultaneously, you can take up horseback ride, travel the jungles, explore Floras and Faunas, indulge in spa activities and visit the volcanic sites and waterfalls.

Shop to your heart’s content

It is a cliché that women cannot do without shopping. Costa Rica markets and shopping malls give you plenty of opportunity to shop for amazing range of items. Take a bus ride and arrive to Montezuma, a popular shopping destination in Costa Rica. It is replete with shops where you can buy travel dresses and apparels. Little shops are known for displaying travel dresses and shirts that are hard to resist. On the beautiful beach near to Montezuma, you can take a horse ride and gallop on the sand. Near to Montezuma, you can also discover restaurants offering fine dining experiences. You can even spot the monkeys playing on the tropical trees.

Day trip to the famous island

During the day, you can take up boat trips and tour the island. Enjoy the delicious fish meal and swim by the pristine beach. Take up speed boat ride and travel to the beach near Jaco.

Colorful tropical fishes are found in plenty in Costa Rica. Zip lines and canopy tours are the most popular tourist activity. You can see the entire Costa Rica from Zip line moving through the jungles and Rain Forests of Costa Rica. A walk into the Costa Rica jungle is sure to give you fabulous experience.

So, pack your bags now!

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