Spirituality And Meditation

The practice of meditation has a long drawn history and dates back to at least 2500 years when Buddha is believed to have attained spiritual enlightenment while meditating. Because of this historical background, meditation was considered as a practice for those who inclined to attain spirituality and a part of the spiritual tradition. But now people have become aware that meditation is for all and the practice of meditation will help you to connect to your inner self-ensuring physical and mental well-being which will let you move through each day with grace and slowly let you search for and appreciate inner beauty. The different types of Meditation that can be followed without having to stick to a particular sitting position and even close your eyes such as mindfulness meditation have made alot of them embrace it and open up for spiritual experiences.

Types of meditation and its role in awakening spirituality

Mindfulness meditation

Stillness as well as connecting with one’s inner self that can be cultivated through mindfulness along with the feeling of awe and wonder at the incredible vastness is also central to experience spirituality. Awe is nothing but amazement and a feeling of wonderment that invokes you when you encounter something larger than yourself and the one you cannot but digest with your cognitive structures at present. Mindfulness changes your mental structure and makes you understand and experience it. Since this is the key element prescribed as aspiritual experience in most religions mindfulness which can facilitate feelings of awe will enhance your well-being as well as spiritual experiences can be considered as a spiritual Meditation

Transcendental meditation

The experience of transcendence is considered to be spiritual because it leads you to a state being that is beyond space-time and conceptualisation. Daily practice of Transcendental meditation will help you to cultivate enlightened consciousness which happens with the daily experience of transcendence and it naturally will lead you to spiritual growth.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is a type of meditation that emphasizes on physical as well as mental discipline. The principle behind this type of Meditation is that happiness as well as suffering is in one’s mind and not in the world that we live. It will also help you learn mindfulness and learning mindfulness,in turn, would help you direct your focus to different aspects of life that require attention.  Vipassana meditation advocates keeping away from electronic gadgets, TV etc as well as adherence to discipline codes such as getting up early, sleeping on the floor, eating healthy and bland food etc, which may be tough to start with. Later you get used to it and when you are able to get mindful you will live in the present and it will liberate your body as well as mind from sufferings and open you up to spiritual experiences.

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is often mistaken as one meant for attaining superpowers like invincibility, telepathy etc. But it actually deals with the acceptance of who you are and becoming a true friend of yourself. This acceptance will help you release the grudges that are holding back your progression to spirituality and also causing pain and suffering. Overtime the practice of spiritual meditation will let you lead a healthy spiritual life the key for which is to focus on being of benefit to others rather than attaining benefits for yourself.

Contrary to the thinking that Meditation is intended to stop thinking, it is rather useful to bring about order in your minds by reducing the chatter in your minds. It helps you to focus on changing the mental structure to be open to experience spirituality which helps the mind and body to function in cohesion and will enable you to take control of your lives. Spirituality will follow.

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