Side Effects Of Much Exercise

While it is true, that exercise can help you lead a happy and healthy life, the opposite is also true.?? If you exercise too much, the effects can be disastrous. Unfortunately, you do not know that you are overstressing yourself for exercise.

No, you are not an exercise addict. It is a myth, if exercised till the point of exhaustion, the result will be a loss in body weight. Definitely you will lose weight, but not of the healthy type. IF you do not eat properly after exercise, your body will get deprived of the essential nutrients. In return, the bones will become fragile and weak.

So how much exercise is best for your body?

The requirement will vary, according to your body type. You should exercise for only good health and not a toned figure. If you choose achievable fitness goals with emphasis on health, then you will remain happy.
The body may respond the other way, and the effects will be physical and psychological.

Physical Effects

You exercise more than required, and feel that the heart is racing rapidly. In due course of time, you may face a decrease in hunger, weight loss and seem thirsty during night time.

Psychological effects – 

If you do not feel excited at doing the fitness schedule, or feel overburdened by the exercise pattern, you are experiencing the over training syndrome.

Some Symptoms of Over Exercise


Do you exercise too much because you want to have a muscular body within three months? Please note, that the body needs rest after minutes of strenuous workout. No, the ligaments and tendons in your body will become strained. In an unlucky situation, you may suffer a fracture.

Immune System Becomes Weak

Do you have a friend who gets up at 4 am in the morning, exercises for two hours and skips breakfast? The reason, she wants to keep her weight in control. As per fitness experts, skipping breakfast and exercising more than required can lead to body pains and exhaustion. The main reason is lack of nutrition. The result – a weakened immune system can lead to simple colds and fever.

Eating Disorders –

If you exercise more often than needed, you can suffer from eating disorders. The popular diseases of eating disorders, Anorexia and bulimia are the result of exercise addiction.

Sleeping Disorders –

When you overstrain your body, every tissue, muscle and bone screams for rest. The result – body pain which can prevent your normal sleep.

Heart Problems

Every individual has a medical history. If you have a history of high blood pressure, then it is mandatory that you do not lift heavy weights nor perform exercises continuously. You can get a heart attack.

 IF you are experiencing pain with no signs of relief, then the negative condition’s name is muscle soreness. The pain can last for weeks, till the date that your body gets the rest it deserves.

Conclusion –

There is a proverb – Too much is too bad.

The proverb stands perfect for too much of exercise.

Are you a busy professional who has just started a home services company specializing in laundry services Pune? Then you have a severe deficiency of valuable time. The best way is to hire the services of a reputed fitness trainer in Pune. The concerned professional will come at his/her own scheduled time to your house for training sessions.

To become a healthy individual, you need to first design a fitness routine, and then gradually build a pattern. Then you can reap the best benefits.

In the first meeting, you can have a discussion regarding the fitness schedule. In due course of time, with suitable motivation from the tutor, you will and always remain in the best of health.

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