Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

“Does Drinking Water Help Acne?” can be one of the questions in your quest for a soft and clear skin. All we know that water plays an important part in the body, but if drinking water helps you to clear acne or not. For those reasons, I search on the Internet to find out some answers to the question in this article.

All we know that water benefits your health in various ways including a brighter and healthy skin. Acne is also a skin problem, so does drinking water help acne?

What Is The Importance Of Water In Our Body?

Water makes up 70% of your body. It presents in the form of the fluids circulating in the body such as blood, mucus, lymph, and others. These fluids play a different role in the body including carrying vitamins and nutrients, flushing out toxins as well as waste products. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it can be affected if you do not drink enough amount of water. Dry skin is also a major problem linked to acne. Dry skin is often tight skin which locks bacteria and fatty substances inside your pores, forming acne and tiny red pimples. Dehydration can damage your skin and speed up the aging process, according to Dr. M. Christina Lee, a dermatologist from Walnut Creek, CA. Therefore, moisturizing your skin helps to open your pores as well as lets them drain, which reduces the formation of acne. Therefore, keeping the skin hydrated is essential for keeping acne at bay.

Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

All we know that water makes up more than half of the body. So it is a vital factor in our daily activities. So, does drinking water help acne or not? Certainly, the answer is no. Water is needed to keep the skin healthy, hydrated but this does not help to cure acne as well as clear your skin. Below are benefits you may get from drinking a plenty of water as much as possible:

  • Your skin tone may get less blotchy
  • Your skin may become less oily
  • The redness may be reduced significantly
  • Your skin looks softer
  • Your skin may also be less irritated

Water is one of the tips which support your acne treatment. If you are easy to get acne, drinking water alone cannot help you get a clear skin. In general, water may help to prevent partly the formation of acne, but it cannot help acne. Therefore, along with drinking more water, you need to pay attention to your diet, your lifestyle, and your overall health.

The Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Water

The overuse of anything is bad for you. When you drink too much water, it will make you sick. Here are several common severe cases of the over-consumption of water.

  • Lower Sodium Level Abnormally (also called Hyponatremia)
  • Swell Up Your Cells
  • Strains The Heart
  • Lower Potassium Level Abnormally (also called Hypokalemia)
  • Overwhelmed Kidney
  • The cause of muscle cramp

How Much Water Should You Drink To Help Acne Properly?

Although drink a plenty of water can maintain the elasticity of your skin partly. However, water does not treat acne, or even makes it worse as well as lead to many health issues if you drink too much water. So, how much water should you drink to help acne properly?

Drink water properly not only keeps your skin softer and reduce the formation of pimples but also maintain your health. Depending on your age, gender, metabolism, body weight, medication activity levels, and environmental conditions, the amount of water you need to drink daily. According to the National Health Services, those in temperate climates or ones with little physical activities may not drink 6- 8 glasses of water (about 1.2 liters) each day. For those who consume other fluids as well as water-filled foods should drink less than eight glasses of water per day. In summer days or hot days and the days you take strenuous exercise, 1.5 to 2.5 cups more is necessary for you. You should drink it in small quantities in a day instead of drink water in large quantities at one.

Other Tips Along With Drinking Proper Amount of Water

Water alone cannot help clear up acne on your skin. You should make some diet changes along with drinking the proper amount of water to see better results. However below are a few tips you can add to the water which to get clear skin faster.

Water Recipe for soft and clear skin

  • One sliced cucumber
  • A handful of peppermint leaves
  • 3-4 slices of ginger
  • 5-7 slices of lemon (two lemons)

Put all those ingredients into one bottle of water (1-liter water) and let the mixture in the refrigerator overnight. Enjoy the detoxifying water within a day to get a clear skin.

Never Forget To Remove Your Makeup

Your makeup will block your pores. Moreover, it can combine with bacteria and oil to forming acne if you leave it overnight. So, before going to sleep, you need to remove your makeup with a suitable facial washer.

Frequently Use a Clean Towel

Your towel accumulates dust and dirt from around environment as well as your body, so ideally, you need to use a clean towel (it should be replaced after 4-5 months of using) to dry your face.

Balance Diets With Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are considered as natural remedies for beautiful skin. They have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-aging agents, as well as other vitamins which are necessary for your health and maintain a glowing skin. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also the best way to supply the amount of water you cannot meet during a day.

Do Not Forget To Use A Toner After Makeup Removal

As we know, dust, bacteria and your makeup are the common causes of acne. Therefore, a right toner will help to clear the dust and makeup leftover which your facial washer cannot remove completely from your skin.  Also, applying a toner may minimize your pores and prevent aging process.

In conclusion, does drinking water help acne? The answer to this question is sure “No”. In this article, we agree that water can support your acne treatment partly but it cannot deal with your acne. Therefore, if you want to have a clear and soft skin, your diet, your lifestyle and your overall health should be noticed more.

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