How does a healthy lifestyle help you to get pregnant naturally?

Earlier it was easier for women to conceive a child and it was a not much of a decision but more of a normal phase in a woman’s life. Over a period the scenario has changed, and nowadays there are many problems associated with fertility that is directly linked to the pregnancy and its related issues. Now, in the 21st century, getting married is not remotely related to conceiving a child. A woman might decide to conceive a baby without getting married or not to conceive a baby even after getting married. As much as empowerment of women is at play in this, there has also been a considerable change in the lifestyle of people over the years. Conceiving a baby comes with innumerable responsibilities, and this includes adjusting your lifestyle as well. A reckless and uncontrolled lifestyle might lead to infertility, and thus one must follow a few basic tenets of being able to give birth naturally which can help every woman.

Sleep hours should not be compromised: Sleeping is important not only because it is an important process in of human’s life but also because proper amount of sleep helps to maintain a balance of hormones in a woman’s body by ensuring the production of it. Women who have a lower level of melatonin and serotonin have also been seen to have a shorter luteal phase therefore considerably reducing their chances conceiving. Lack of sleep also harms the proper production of adrenaline, cortisol, and insulin.



Minimize the exposure to harmful chemicals: Fertility in your body is affected by the surrounding you live in. You surrounding has to equally healthy which means you have to avoid every chance of being exposed to harmful chemicals. This includes household chemicals, plastic water bottles, and cosmetic and beauty products and so on. Moreover, you must make sure that you are not subjected to the incessant environmental pollution or passive smoking when you are out.

Exercise: A mother or would be a mother must indulge into light exercises or yoga to keep the baby healthy or to conceive. Light exercises make sure that the metabolism of your body is perfect and also maintains the levels of hormones in your body. But it should be kept in mind that heavy exercise and training sessions can have quite the opposite effect. If you are overweight, it is better to lose some before you plan to conceive.


A big no to stress: During pregnancy or when you are planning to conceive naturally a number of hormones are at play in your body. It is a known fact that menstruation can be delayed due to high levels of stress. Similarly, you might have a problem to conceive naturally in case you are taking too much of stress both physically and mentally. Though easier said and done, it helps if you meditate and keep calm.

Consult a doctor: It is advised to consult a doctor and make sure that you are not taking any medications that might impair fertility like steroids and anti-depressants.

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