5 Bad Practices You Probably Didn’t Know Are Harmful to Your Skin

The skin covers the tissues of your body, keeping you warm and safe from environmental pollutants. It comes in different colors, depending on your ancestry. This is one of the great characteristics of your skin.
But did you know that it is also fragile and vulnerable to harm? It can easily get irritated, grazed, or burned. This is why you should take care of your skin as best as you could, whether through exercises like yoga asanas or through natural remedies.

Bad Practices that Harmful to Your Skin

Most of the time, you don’t notice how your routine actually affects your body, let alone your skin. With the hustle and bustle that you have been doing daily, neglecting proper skin care is highly likely.
However, you should be more mindful of what you’re doing and how you are taking care of yourself. Check out the following practices that you might be doing that actually does more harm on your skin than good.

Eating Too Much Greasy Food

Among the least favorable type of food for better skin is greasy food.
While most of these dishes are tasty on your palate, the same thing cannot be said for your skin. The excessive oil triggers many health problems and pimple breakout is just one of them. The oil seeps through your skin which increases oil production in your glands. It then sucks out the natural moisture of your face and replaces it with a sticky-like surface that attracts more dirt.
When you have consumed too much greasy food, try and balance it out by exercising or doing yoga that removes toxins from your body.

Eating Too Much Greasy Food

Exfoliating All the Time

Exfoliation is a common practice for skin care. However, this hygienic step can also lead to bad results. Remember that you are removing and literally peeling, dead layers of skin, therefore, keeping your face bare to outside particles.
Doing this process will often make your face prone to the bacteria around you and the dust particles in the air that can react negatively with your skin. Apart from this, it can leave your skin dry by destroying healthier cells and heightens the chance of skin discoloration.
So limit the times that you exfoliate to preserve the natural oils in your face as well as the healthier cells in it. Skin care experts suggest exfoliating 2 to 3 times per week.


Using too Many Skin Care Products

It is understandable that you want to make sure that your skin is well-maintained and the common method that comes to mind is to use skin care products, whether chemical-based or from natural ingredients.
While these items may help in maintaining a healthy skin, it can also put you at risk. It can cause irritation, inflammation, and other problems due to the reaction of your body to the product. As much as possible, limit the products you use or at apply it alternately and not all at once.

Using too Many Skin Care Products

Popping Your Pimples

People often pop their pimples thinking it is the fastest way to get rid of them. Don’t. Not only does it expose an irritated part to more bacteria, but it also leaves pimple scars when it eventually heals. Also, touching the pimple with your bare hand can result in more redness and itchiness on the affected area.

Popping Your Pimples

Washing Your Face with Hot Water

Hot water may be relaxing, especially after a whole day’s work but it leaves your skin dry as the water takes out the moisture. Furthermore, if you have a temperamental skin, the lack of moisture makes your skin crack. It also makes it oiler if you have a naturally oily skin.

Instead of hot water, opt for lukewarm water. It’s gentler on your skin and keeps your face well hydrated.
As you can see, not everything you do that you think is good for your skin leads to positive results. Your skin is fragile, so you need to take care of it properly and accordingly. It is also important to note that what works for others may not necessarily work for you, what with the differences in skin type.

In summary, wash with lukewarm water, avoid popping pimples, limit skincare products application, do not exfoliate often, and keep a good watch on your diet. Don’t forget to follow health and fitness tips as well and you will achieve that healthy, glowing skin.

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