Strong is the new skinny

Modern youth more concerned for body strength and core training for achieving fitness goals.
Fitness means having the power and energy to feel good and to perform the physical activities with that power. Strength is one of the main components of fitness. Media is also changing the image of fitness from skinny to strong which is changing the fitness goals for youth and making them realise that skinny is not healthy whereas Strong is new skinny. Toned physiques are becoming more attractive.

Strength training: shift of healthy exercise programs for strength training

Earlier strength training was limited to athletes and sports people but now it has reached public. These days the definition of fitness is not limited to mere achieving fat loss goals; physical strength is the new criteria for evaluating fitness. Good strength is important for achieving complete fitness goals.

Strength training has various options available from free weights to weight training machines and even no equipment body weight exercises.

Strength Training: getting stronger and healthier

Strength training is not limited to, building muscle, routine lifting can help to achieve the weight loss plans effectively. It makes the body more flexible and makes the bones stronger preventing the ligaments from any type of injury. One of the greatest benefits of strength training is that it increases your metabolism rate much higher compared to aerobics and cardio routines.

Strength training improves your balance and coordination, builds a stronger heart, helps lower the risk of diabetes, improves blood flow and builds muscles. It reduces stress and anxiety to a greater level as the brain gets a boost from body’s muscles.

Strength training can help meet fitness goals, whether it is 30 minutes of workout routine or improvement in any sport and maintaining a favourable lean mass to fat mass ratio.

Good Eating Habits

Only workout is not enough to increase the strength but good eating habits also play an equally important role. And from eating healthy it does not mean to eat less but to eat nutrition rich food because it is saying that ” Every time when you eat either you are feeding disease or fighting disease” . One of the best ways to move forward this step is to stop eating outside food and eat as much as you can only home cooked food. Increase fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole-grain food and add green tea in your diet as it will help you to detox your body. And most importantly, stop eating at odd times and make it your habit to eat right food at right time as it will increase your stamina and will help you t stay strong

So, definitely skinny is just body type, but stronger means physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Before you start strength training, you should check with your doctor to make sure that lifting weights is safe and adequate training and supervision is also equally important to reduce the risk of any injury. And check with your nutritionist that what should be a good weight for you according to your height and weight to become stronger.

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