How to lose those extra pounds off

Fed up of looking at gorgeous dresses and dreaming about fitting in that one day. So it’s time to stop dreaming and start working on making that one day come soon by losing those extra pounds off from your body. There can be multiple ways to lose those extra pounds off you just have to opt them and wait for the day when you dream will turn into reality.

Let’s add some Cardio in our routine

Adding cardio to your daily routine whether it is jogging, running, swimming, cycling or playing any game will help to reduce the stubborn fat that builds up around your organs and burns the calories even faster.

Weight Exercise can play catalyst in the process

Dieting and cardio help to lose muscle fat and that result in loose skin. Weight exercise or resistive exercise can be of many types like body weight (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges), free weight (dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells etc.) and weight machine i.e. pack deck, cable machine, leg extension etc.

Say Bye to unhealthy food

It is proven that 60% that helps you to stay fit and healthy is what you eat and 40% is exercise. So it is very important to eat healthy food and say big NO to junk food or I think the better word would be street food as it satisfies for a moment only and left you with regret.

Is protein that helpful!

Protein leads to boost body metabolism and burns fat faster and will lose that extra pounds off. It also makes you feel full and helps to reduce appetite and thus reduce the calorie intake. Some of the high-protein foods could be eggs, nuts and seed, beans, yogurt, tofu, turkey breast, fish, and much more.

Say NO to white food items

It is said that white food items like sugar, rice, wheat flour, salt etc. are not at all god for help and are considered as cause to various diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc.

Increase Fiber intake

Fiber rich food helps to lose weight by keeping us full and hence we don’t feel hungry. Many fibers help the body bacteria to fight against obesity. Most common fiber rich consider food are lentils, black beans, pistachios, fruits like peers, raspberries, broccoli etc.

Can sleeping be beneficial?

You mom must have always told you to wake up, do not sleep too much and now how you will feel if someone tells you to sleep more. Yes, to lose weight sleeping plays a vital role. Sleeping at least 8 hours

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