Haunted Places to Visit in India

India is a land of mythology and enigma where there are many curious stories behind places that are haunted. There are many facts about such places that are still unknown. The paranormal places of India are mysterious and interesting to have heard of. Our land is a land of stories where there were kings, dynasties, treasures and of courses the battles. Many soldiers and warriors were brutally killed.
There are still many unopened pages of many places but their names itself give you Goosebumps. There are many places in India that are haunted, but we have jotted down the list and here are some of them:

1. Bhangarh Fort (Alwar, Rajasthan)
It is one of the most haunted places of India and to add the trauma and horror, it is situated near a forest. When the sun goes down, you are not allowed to be there because there were instances when people actually witnessed some paranormal activities there. Though being haunted, it is one of the most promoted tourist destination in India.

bhangarh fort

2. The Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)
A spirit of a young prince haunts at this place that makes this place a haunted one. It is also said that it witnesses a lot of paranormal activities on a full moon night. As the night falls, the sound of a crying boy is heard. The place is the scariest haunted place in Pune and is visited at visitor’s own risk.

shaniwarwada fort

3. Dumas Beach (Surat, Gujarat)
The beautiful beach is also a haunted place with many mysterious incidents happening here. It is believed that there are some tortured souls who wander here. There are also some incidents of people disappearing at the beach and were never found again. If you have interest in paranormal activities, this is one of the best places to be visited.

dumas beach

4. Delhi Cantonment (Delhi)
Though the place is beautiful and is bestowed with lush green trees, but it is also believed that a soul of a lady in white dress wanders here asking people for lift. When people stop, she disappears from the place. This leaves the person in trauma and hence it is one place to be visited to witness such an incident.

delhi cantonment

5. Three Kings Church (Goa)
There is a story behind the place that makes it paranormal. There were three Portuguese kings who wanted to rule over this place, where one of them killed the other two. This has made the place have some special powers that doesn’t let it rest.

three kings church

6. Sinhagad Fort (Pune)
People who have been here have heard some war sounds here that makes this place fall into the category of haunted places. There are many more stories over this place but if haunted places really interest you, this one shouldn’t be missed when you visit Pune.

sinhagad fort

Noises, screams, crying sounds, vanishing lady, these all are the signs of a place being haunted and India has many such places to be encountered. But, visiting a haunted place after sunset is not advisable.

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