Best Exercises to Maintain Proper Thigh Gap

Physical fitness has become a part of human life. In olden days, there were very less modes of transports. For daily works, people use to walk for many miles or mostly use their own bicycles. Also nowadays, people have no time cook their own food, in turn we depends on outside food. This has in one way spoiled our health. The count of healthy people has declined day by day. With the advancement in technology, there is also improvement in sufficient nutrition and enough calories. But at the end of the day, all that the present generation worried about is the fitness.


thigh gapAs we grew up, the first part in our body that feels more pressure are our legs. A person whether sitting, standing, running or jumping will use his legs in one or the other way. Thighs are also the most important part of our body. It is the part of lower limb which is located between pelvis and the knee. Major problems that are occurred around the thighs are the burning sensation on the outer layer of thigh, swelling, stiffness and muscle cramps. Also maintaining a thigh gap is one of the most important thing especially for women.


Building of large muscles doesn’t actually help in upholding a thigh gap. Standing in front of a mirror with our back upright and both the knees touching each other and an inner gap between the two thighs, it indicates that the person has well maintained thigh gap as shown below.


To maintain this gap, there are five best exercises, namely, Plie Squats, Pilates leg lifts, Bridge Raises, Inner leg lift and lateral lunge.


Plie SquatsPlie Squats strengthens the legs and calves and also it increases the motion of the hips. It is also known as sumo squat, which means turning of toes outwards in wide stance position. In this exercise the person needs to stand in a straight position with legs wider and toes broadening outwards and thighs should be placed in parallel to the ground.



Pilates leg liftsPilates leg lifts is the second form of exercise to maintain a healthy thigh gap. The person needs to lie on to one of his side fully with both his legs stretched. Later, one leg needs to be lifted slowly as much high as possible and then slowly bring back to normal position.



BBridge Raisesridge Raises is the next exercise. In this the person needs to lie on his/her back with legs bent and feet about hip width. In this exercise, it is much needed to place a rolled up towel or a pillow in between the two knees. Then lift the hips up until your knees and shoulder are in a same line.



Inner leg liftInner leg lift is the fourth way to maintain a healthy thigh. In this exercise the person need to lie on one side with the top leg in bent position and the bottom leg extended in forward direction. Then the bottom leg must be lifted as much high as possible. This process actually gives a sensation of burning to the thighs. Slowly get back the lower to your starting position by keeping the tension in the core.



Lateral LungeLateral Lunge is the fifth and final best exercise to our thighs. At first, the person needs to stand in a straight position. Then step to the left with the left foot and short down as low as possible towards your left leg while straightening your left leg. Slowly come back to normal position and repeat the same on right leg.


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