The Blend Of Nature At Pokhara

The extraordinary blend of snow covered mountain terrain can be found in very areas of Asia. The Himalayan range of Snow Fold Mountain is one the most impressive tourist spots for the trekking adventures. Many people come here as tourists to bring out the adventurous attitude embedded in them. The mountain ranges here are extended up to 1000 kilometers in length and the average height of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal is about 6000 meters. The vast cover of the Himalayas gives a panoramic view of nature at its best. There are few places where many tourists come as couples to entertain themselves with the natural beauty and spend a pleasant time amidst the huge white terrain.

Pokhara acts a base region for many trek tour adventures and is the common town where people start their trekking adventures. Pokhara town is engulfed with many valleys and mountains that are at an average height of about 3500 meters. The height of the mountains in this region makes the debut trekkers also feel easy to go on the trekking expedition. This town is well connected with the neighboring trekking campaign zones making the tourists feel safe about the first aid when came across with any ailment. Pokhara town is the most visited place of Nepal next to its capital city Kathmandu. The travel expedition through Pokhara can also be called as the Tea Garden Tour as you may encounter beautiful tea plantation around the villages of Pokhara.

With the growth in travel and hospitality industry, many international travel organizations have set up economical packages to the Kathmandu Pokhara tour. This tour can be made in a very easy time frame of about 3-4 days covering the areas of Pokhara, Lumle, Nayapul, Magar, Ghorepani, Tadapani, Ghandruk, Birethanti, Ghorka, etc. This place Pokhara offers the tourists with many other exciting events other than trekking like the rope travel, sky diving, etc. There are some wooden bridges constructed at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level which makes the tourists relish a new blend of the adventure.

Nepal is the country which can be traveled with a very low budget. The Kathmandu Pokhara package can be available within the range of $100 which is quite economic for any individual. In Nepal, one can find the imported goods both from India as well as the China with a lesser price than in any other place around the world. The trekking adventures are quite common scenes in this region. As the height of the mountains is low, anyone who wants to start their Trekking in Nepal chooses this place at the top priority. The tour package of Kathmandu and Pokhara can be initialized from the capital itself where one can find the beautiful Buddhist architecture and temples. From there with all the blessings you can start the trekking adventure towards the Pokhara terrain. Traveling across the villages of Nayapul, Magar, Ghorka you can find the local Nepali traditions and civilization and also you have a fun time with the local people who are ready to help feed you at any point of time.

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