The Flavoursome Winter Beverages

The snowy winters are best known for holidays and celebrations. The winter arrives with the festival of lights, Diwali and departs colourfully with the festival of colours, Holi. The snowy Christmas and chilling New Year celebrations, just add another cherry on the top. Winters are everyone’s favourite, not just for the holidays and celebrations but also for the warm foods and beverages. From New Year’s party to just daily home warming beverages, winter holds a flavoursome taste. Since the celebration is already in the air, here are some awesome winter beverages which will charm up your party and compliment your mood.

  1. The Classic Chai:

classic chai

Celebrating winter without the classic cup of Indian spicy chai will always be a disaster for any Indian. The Indians can never wake up without their special cup of Tea. And with winters in town, the tea is a must. This classic warm beverage is easy to make and tasty to drink. A Little milk, few tea leaves, a pinch of ginger and cardamom and a little-blended boil off altogether. And the classic chai will be ready in minutes. Either serve it in a terracotta cup of any ceramic cup and bring the warmth of winter evenings to your home.



  1. The malty hot cocoa:

malty hot cocoa

From kids to adults, cocoa gets into everybody’s tongue. The strong smell of chocolate will mesmerise your nostrils, while the sweet taste of cocoa will bond with your taste buds. Honestly, this hot beverage is one of the best winter beverage for any house warming parties. It’s kids favourite but adults too can’t resist it. Just mix a malted amount of milk powder with cocoa powder and add some vanilla essence and sugar to taste. For best taste, drop some toasted marshmallows on top of it. Quite easy to prepare, this thick malty hot drink is best to warm your chilling soul.


  1. Cafe Mocha with cream on top:

cafe mocha with cream

Did you hear of Nutella? Nutella is everyone’s favourite. With creamy, yummy and even tastes best without any side appetiser. Cafe Mocha is just the melted version of Nutella. Just melt an ample amount of Nutella and pour it into your favourite glass. Top it up with some whipped cream and caramel or honey to taste. Easy to prepare right? Cafe Mocha is the best beverage for your kids’ birthday parties. It is served hot and is the best beverage to keep your body warm. Now enjoy your chilly winter with a warm glass of cafe Mocha.


  1. Butter rum with cream:

butter rum with cream

Rum has been always known as winter cocktail since it keeps our body warm. However, it’s not necessary to always drink rum with water or soda. Try a cup of Butter rum with cream this winter. Just freeze an ice cream with some spices, butter, sugar and your favourite brand of Rum. Boil the potion in hot water whenever you are ready to serve. Though not fit for children, since it’s an alcoholic drink, Butter Rum with cream is best for your mature Christmas or New Year celebration. Since it contains Rum, you can ever store it for months and have it whenever you want.

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