Best places to travel in India

India is the wonderland of rich culture, aesthetic beauty, authentic textile mold, colourful festivals and scrumptious spicy Indian cuisine. With a list of places to travel in hand, India is the first place to target. Why? Well, the reasons are quite obvious, yet explainable. This blog which take you through the outlines of this wonderland and explain you about the best places to travel in India.

Rajasthan: “Padharo mare desh re”- the welcome line of Rajasthan welcomes tourists all round the year to enjoy its aesthetic beauty and rich culture. The state of joy, the state of culture, the state of aesthetic essence, Rajasthan, is a state of pure ancestral ethnicity. The state is a blend of historic Indian culture with modern look in structures. Rajasthan is the king land of India where great Rajputana and Mughals have left their footprint. These historic stories, till date, significantly call Rajasthan, the land of Kings. The golden sands of the Thar Desert, the pink city-Jaipur, big ancestral heavenly Mahals and the folk culture of Rajasthan are worth mesmerising for eyes

Jammu and Kashmir: The head of India, Jammu, and Kashmir are a white land covered with snow and mountains. Kashmir is named as an angel’s paradise because of its blessed scenic beauty. The rural beauty of bullock carts, hut houses, and man work attracts tourists from all around the world to visit the place. Srinagar is the capital city of Jammu with has blessed falling stars and rising sun. The rich ancestral culture and tradition are mesmerizing to the eyes.

Goa: Covered with water all around the state, Goa is the smallest of India, but the biggest state when it comes to travelling. Goa is famous for its sea beaches. Beauty and modernity of Goa have attracted many directors to shoot their movies in this beautiful water state. Indian Bollywood movie “Golmaal 3” was totally based on the Goa sea beach “Calangute” beach. Tourists all around the world hit this state to enjoy the peace and joy of the state even at off-season time. Goa has some exciting spots- cruise , casinos, delicious Goan food, sea beaches, old British rule churches, water sports and to forget shopping. Sea beaches organise sand art exposure and evening sea beach market, which are worth seeing.

Diu and Daman: Diu and Daman are the union territory of India considered to comprise a treasure trove of wonderful memories and spectacular stories empowered with nature’s handpicked scenic gifts. Rich in wildlife and scenic beauty, Diu and Daman is blessed with aesthetic beauty, silver sands and golden sun by nature. Daman is the ex-Portuguese enclave has a world of its own kind. Peace is found in every corner of the place. The days start with hissing sounds of birds in the tree and ends with a beautiful orange sunset of the golden sun.

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is the state of India, which is considered heavenly because of its blessed scenic beauty and mountain exposure. Uttarakhand state is popular for the magnanimous great Himalayas, the holiest blue rivers, the spiritual mystery, stunning green landscapes, the incessantly colourful play of nature, enchanting history preserved in ancient stones, a mesmerizing wildlife plethora and the simplest of the people with Indian traditions. Historic stories and myths are responsible for the visuals that unfold it to the beholders. Pilgrimage is another beauty of the state which attracts tourists all round the year.

Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh is called the dev Bhumi of India i.e., “The land of lords”. The state is the abode of snow. Nature has blessed Himachal Pradesh with the immense scenic beauty, lofty mountains, lushly floral, deep valleys, and swaying waterfalls. The day starts with the sweet chime of the temple bells and ends into deep dark peace nights with stars covering the sky. The state capital Shimla is a place with abode snow and floral beauty. The spiral roads on the mountain skin define Shimla ways. Shimla has been the place of tourist attraction since its birth.

Gujarat: The land of legends and Lions, Gujarat comes along some aesthetic beauty and enriched Indian culture. The beauty is enchanted with the mixture of nature scenes and cultural heritage of the state. A wonderful place to visit is the capital city Ahmadabad rich in religious ethics and cultural heritage. The folk culture and the state dance “Garba “are worth mentioning.

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