How music influences our work.

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life, whether they accept it or not, it will always have a deep influence on who we are and what we become.

For example, imagine a quiet Zen garden where all you hear are the rustling of leaves and the wind blowing through silently yet creating a soothing tone between the bamboo shoot, mild streams of crystal clear water flowing through furrows of exposed pebbles and rocks, creating a mild and gentle sound. On the edge of a pond there is a meditating monk, a butterfly slowly flutters around him as if he is the most beautiful flower out there. Now in all of this, you wouldn’t be blasting Metallica or system of a down would you? To be honest the first that would come to mind would be ‘river flows in you’ by Yiruma, which is a beautiful piano piece. So now that I’ve got your attention to how music relates to what we do, let’s talk about what we are doing.

In this century where man is all about money and money is all about making us work harder each day, levels of stress, anxiety and depression are taking a hold of the mainstream work force. We live in a contrasting world where people earn so they can eat well and enjoy life, but work so hard to earn that they have no time to do so. Music is losing its importance in many lives for the sheer reason that people are stressed out and have no time to actually hear a good piece of music. All we hear is the old Hindi song adaptations in our elevators making a screechy unpleasant noise when the door slides. Is this what music has come to? Absolutely not. Imagine if Leonardo Da Vinci was listening to horrible rap (or as Indians call it Honey Singh) while painting , then Mona Lisa would end up less sophisticated than she is and probably be sipping shots in a low key disco somewhere in Punjab whilst dirty dancing with a creepy dude in red shoes and low waist jeans.My mother always listens to songs by the great Mohd. Rafi sir while cooking, and you obviously know the result, she is relaxed and in a good mood and ends up cooking absolutely delicious food every time. Now if i were to alter her play list I’d have to eat bad food or half cooked. Not that she can’t cook without music, but it definitely would affect what she is cooking.

So it is important to understand what kind of music affects or influences, what kind of behaviour and how we would like to implement in our workplaces. It could be anything from a Beethoven’s symphony to a mild flute cover or just vocals by a soothing voice. Whatever is necessary to uplift the mood of the employees, and if not uplift, at least soothe them a little? Some workplaces in Mumbai are among one of the first in India to allow the use of music in workplaces. We hope to see this change sooner or later in most, if not all of the workplaces. By allowing their employees to enjoy music in the work place, efficiency has increased, decreasing stress and most definitely getting rid of laziness.

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