Junk VS healthy. How to keep balance?

On the decades-long battle between junk food and healthy food, Junk food always won over the healthy diet. Why? Because, people thought junk foods are tasty, delicious and exotic. But whatever one of them forgot was the imbalanced diet and health issues that junk foods brought along with them. Are you one of those people who let junk food won over healthy food?

Keeping a balance between junk food and healthy food has been quite a tough job yet possible enough. Gone are the times, when people thought healthy food are tasteless and are made for those who are on a weight loss program. Well, this isn’t true. While junk food is delicious, healthy foods are delicious too, but in another way round.

First, let’s see what junk food is doing to us:

Obesity is the main cause of junk food. You must have seen that people who consume the most amounts of packaged food are fatter than people who rests back at home to eat healthily. This is because, when we eat junk food, it is devoid of all essential nutrients required by our body, yet we feel full but not for a longer period of time. Hence, we keep on repeating our meals on a shorter interval of time. What junk foods actually do is that they slow down our blood circulation by accumulating fatty walls around our muscles and abs. And that is how we end up developing bulging belly and fatty calves. This makes us feel tired and sleepy and finally, when we fall down to sleep, our body tends to accumulate more fat. So, there is no way to get rid of these junk foods.

Examples of junk food: French fries, packed potato chips, pasta, pizza, burger, soft aerated drinks, sodas and so on.

How to keep a balance?

While junk foods are tastier than healthy food, it is always a wiser option to opt for healthy diet food. Our body needs essential nutrients for metabolism, which junk foods cannot supply. To keep our body healthy and fit, a certain amount of calorie intake is required, depending on the age and size of an individual. Complex carbohydrates and fatty acids are the enemies of a healthy body. Healthy foods like wheat bread, rice, low fat cheese, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and fruits are the source of essential nutrients required by our body and are completely devoid of complex carbohydrates and trans fat.

Hence, if you are a junk food lover and cannot keep your hands off it, start with a delicious and healthy breakfast comprising of eggs, juices, coffee and cereals and slowly put your hands down to red meat, bacon, vegetable salads, avocados, and fruits. Eat healthy for 5 days in a week and have a junk treat once in a week, but remember to limit your junk food treat to just one meal. This way you can keep a balance between junk food and healthy food. However, always go for foods which are freshly baked and just out of the oven than the ones which are packed and sold in tin boxes.

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