Goodbye to hypertension: Reasons to stay happy

According to the recent reports of the World Health Organisation (WHO), hypertension is the main cause of coma and heart attacks among the age group of 30 to 60. However, hypertension is also the cause of restlessness and irregular health issues among most people below the age group of 25. Widely known as High Blood Pressure, Hypertension is the medical term to denote High Blood Pressure problems. Though the problem is huge, the remedies are still non-medicine techniques. Most people, suffering hypertension at the age of 40 prefers to consult a general physician and seek for medication to cure the problem.

However, medicines are not the only way to cure hypertension. When lifestyle and improper nutrition can cause hypertension in adults, a little change in these habits can change your High Blood Pressure level. The recent surveys by Mayo Clinics have proved that the reasons to hypertension are not just a hereditary or ageing problem anymore. In fact, the reasons are closer to lifestyle and work pressure. To cope up with the fast pace world, we all are too much indulged to gain fame and make money and hence forget to take a look at our medical reports. Here are some best ways to say Goodbye to hypertension and stay happy for lifelong:

• The long nap: Over the decades, Doctors are prescribing a long, deep sleep therapy to cure health problems. Why? Because while you sleep in peace, your body works to get rid of all the toxins that you have accumulated throughout the day. To get hold of the high level of Blood pressure, it’s a fundamental necessity to sleep in peace for 8 hours. Hypertension occurs due to stress and unnecessary tension. It is proven that, while you sleep, your body releases stress and stimulated the blood pressure level.

• Enjoy dark chocolates: Most of us are afraid of eating chocolates due to the myths of obesity, diabetes, and heart problem. But, it’s important to note that, dark chocolates are as nutritious as your green leafy vegetables. How? Dark chocolates are made with dark cocoa powders which have shown a positive effect on hypertension. It blends with the blood and releases stress. Hence, try dark chocolates to cure hypertension without putting on extra weight.

• Walk with the musical beats: Music is the escape from worldly stress. Incorporate a healthy habit of morning walk while you get yourself lost in the musical beats of any inspiring and slow song. Walking will stimulate your blood pressure level, while musical will help you to release stress.

• Reading is happiness: Reading a good novel can always help with hypertension. Medical surveys say that people who have a habit of reading are less prone to hypertension than people who are robots at works. Reading keeps your mind at peace and off from the reasons of stress, thus stimulating your blood pressure level.

• Breathe out your stress: The best exercise to release stress is Yoga and meditation. While stress is the main cause of Hypertension, fight your stress with some easy breathing techniques. A healthy ritual of Buddhist chanting or meditation is all you need to control your blood pressure level.

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