Cultivating Positive Emotions

Everyone wants to lead a happy and satisfied life yet no one knows the secret behind leading one. If it was a mathematical problem, we would have a formula to solve this or if it were a science- there would be a logical reason behind it but since it isn’t – some people spend their entire life looking for happiness or if you are lucky, happiness embraces you itself.

But what really defines happiness? Is it our outlook towards life or the people in our lives or our perceptions of things as a whole? The truth is there isn’t one answer to this but a plethora of reasons that join as a whole together to lead up to one common thing.

The world is made up of the pessimists and the optimists, which roughly translates to negative and positive people. With a negative outlook towards life, people only bring themselves and people around them down making them bitter towards things in life. Sadness, despair, jealousy, revenge are all negative emotions and bring out nothing but the worst in people.

Positive emotions like happiness, awe, inspiration, appreciation, forgiveness brings out a better side of people making them more likeable and approachable. These emotions also keep stress away and more importantly are good for our health. Things like getting a new car, new phone or losing weight are short term positive emotions and eventually the thrill of it fades out. But it is important to have long lasting positive emotions as these keep a person driven, motivated and healthy.

Here are some tips that can help cultivate positive emotions for a long time:

1. Express Gratitude: Teaching yourself to become more grateful is a step towards experiencing positive emotions and decreasing depression. Learning to give sincere thanks to others doesn’t only give them a feel good moment but also gives you a happiness lift. Make it a point to be reflected on things you have to be thankful for. Try to find a positive in a negative thing that occurred in the past and try to learn from it.

2. Nurture and enjoy your relationships: Relationships are one of the biggest sources of happiness in our lives- the happier the person is, the more likely he or she has a large, supportive circle of family and friends. In our busy life, sometimes it becomes hard to stay connected with people we care about but we should always remember to make a conscious effort to stay in touch and invest spending quality time with the people who matter to us.

3. Take care of your health: Exercise and proper sleep are major contributors when it comes to happiness. Exercising isn’t just good for the body but also plays a role in our mental well- being. Getting quality sleep is also very important as it affects our health, vitality and emotional stability.

Our brains are wired to notice and remember things that are wrong- it’s a survival mechanism and is in built in every human being. While we can’t change our nature, we sure can train our brain to be more positive.

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