Take Care of Your Mind and Your Body

“Never forget to love yourself.”

Our everyday life has become so strained that we forget to focus on our own growth. In the beginning, it feels as if we are running along with the pace of this world, but lately we realise that we don’t have enough energy to keep the same pace going and then start feeling left behind.

But we need to ask ourselves every now-n-then, “Am I growing? Am I learning? If not, where are things lacking? Am I conscious about where my life is heading?”

Thinking about all these things we came to the following two conclusions:
1. We need to have a balanced energy flow within ourselves and around us as well.
2. With the right energy flux, we have to give direction to this energy, so that we can grow as a person.
Considering both the points, here are a few things you can do as a beginner to take care of your mind, as well as body.

Meditate – Do it daily. We know nobody has got the time to sit idle for few minutes every day doing nothing, when you have got so many things to do. Well, if you don’t have much time, just take out five minutes (maybe in the morning or after you come back to home after your day), sit with your eyes closed, plug into some calm ambient music and concentrate on your breath. Doing this small chore daily will make you feel more calm and “in control” of things around you. Tried and Tested!

Exercise – Umm.. This is something we have never got time for, right? But remember, when the body is ill, everything else in your life becomes secondary. Choose an exercise schedule which suits the best for you and follow it regularly. Taking care of your body is not an option, it’s a necessity.

• Eat at least one seasonal fruit daily.

• Take care of your digestive system. What you eat is what you become!

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