How to Control Anger?

Thousand of books have been written on Anger Management, and a million of articles are there around the internet on the same. But, the ways which are mentioned below are a bit different because these ways basically try to make you concentrate towards your own mind and self, rather than external factors:

  • Take three deep breaths – Yep! Take three deep breaths and while doing so, concentrate towards your breath going up and down your wind pipe. Once you are done with this, it is sure that your Anger will get 50% lowered in intensity.
  • Let the other person speak first – This will not only help to let you know the person’s point of view, but will also give you some more time to not say anything and keep your mouth shut! Also keep in mind, not only let the other person talk, but also truly listen to what he/she is saying.
  • Let it flow – When the first two steps are done, the next thing to do is, let your anger flow now in its natural way. After following the first two steps, most of your anger would have vanished and the intensity would have lowered to some extent than before. Now you will be in a much better position to say your part as the stream of anger would have got a direction. Moreover, saying your part will give relief to your mind and will help you avoid the agony of anger.

Gulp down that anger.

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