Indian Dance Therapy

‘Shed those extra – calories with pleasure.’

Who on this planet doesn’t want to appear young and remain beautiful forever?

Popularity of cosmetics proves this fact. But even the producers or the manufacturers know that the beauty and youth originate from within. Today our lifestyle has very limited body activities which is leading to obesity and many other health issues. And you might think that jogging, gym all those boring workouts is the only way to get rid of extra kilos.

Dance is an appealing solution to look young forever.

A thought of any Indian Dance narrates a story of beautiful culture and tradition in our minds. Indian culture has a huge treasure of various dance forms including Bhangra, Garba, Dandiya, Bharatnatyam, Bihu and many more. Learning and Practising these dance forms in a right way does wonders, besides giving body a complete fitness regime it also nourishes the relationship between body-mind, strengthen our mental power. Along with Infodeets lets explore some flamboyant Indian Dance forms and their health benefits.

Bharatnatyam Dance

Bharatnatyam: Bharatnatyam is the noble dance form of Indian culture pioneered in Tamil Nadu temples. Through facial expressions and body movements dancers express their emotions. This dance form strengthens your lower body muscles. Nowadays Bharatnatyam is being practised as a therapy for taking out frenzied energy.

Bhangra Dance

Bhangra: Bhangra is a popular and colorful dance form from Punjab depicting their euphoria. This dance form has its main emphasis on facial expressions, music and movements of hands, legs and body. It requires more strengthen to perform as it includes many sweeps and jumps. Bhangra for an hour is an excellent cardio workout.

Kathak Dance

Kathak: Kathak, a dance form from North India weaves the tale of joy, love and faith. Footwork in Kathak dance form helps in releasing anger and tension. Heavy weight ankle bells or Ghungroos worn by Kathak dancers s a weight workout for legs. Facial expressions are alternate to face yoga, no worries for saggy skin.


Dandiya: Dandiya is a colorful and powerful dance form from Gujarat. Beautifully decorated wooden sticks are used to perform. Eye contact and fast footwork are the main elements of Dandiya. There is no scope of lethargy as it fast paced and very energetic dance form.

At the end, Dance is like a therapy which makes body and soul relaxed and gives pleasure. You can overcome work stress, accidental trauma, age bar, pregnancy and many other health issues by regularly learning and performing any of the dance forms.

Keep dancing, stay fit and beautiful forever!!

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