How beneficial tea and coffee in daily routine: Is a cup daily worth it?

Tea and Coffee are the most popular and sought for beverages for refreshment all over the world. It has been proved in various studies that drinking 2 to 3 cups of tea or coffee daily is alright as it also reduces the risk of cancer. However organic tea and coffee will be the best substitute to normal ones with added health benefits.

Tea is an aromatic beverage and ranked 1st in most popular beverage globally. Tea is prepared by adding tea leaves in boiling water and adding sugar (optional) and milk (optional) into it. Tea lovers will like to have a cup of tea no matter what the weather is. Tea is available in different varieties and flavors in the market whether its green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, white tea, oolong tea and much more. There are many benefits of tea beyond refreshment.

Studies have proven that the brain of ones who drink green tea 4-5 days a week is more immune towards mental illness than who doesn’t drink it at all. Its antioxidants help in preventing arteries blogging, burning fat, interfere with the growth of lungs, stomach, and bladder and also improve cholesterol level. The main cause of the popularity of green tea as it helps in weight loss. Even it is available in the form of pills due to its fat burning effects. Besides this to get some liquid inside your body in a flavored manner tea will be a great option. Black tea prevents lungs from cigarette smoke and also prevents the body from stroke. White Tea is commonly known as Chai in India and is most loveable beverage among Indians. White tea has most anticancer properties then all the other processed teas available. Tea even helps in reducing the tooth cavities by maintaining the Ph in the mouth. Those who drink one to two cups of tea daily have been reported with fewer chances of tooth cavities. Tea is also the best option other than water to hydrate your body with added flavors.

Although Tea is the most popular beverage globally, Coffee is most popular among Americans. Coffee is a beverage that contains the property of luring one who doesn’t like it with its aroma. Along with its smell, it has other benefits also. It has been proved that the person who drinks coffee is 20% less stressed/depressed. Post workout coffee can help in cut down the muscle pain by 48%. People who drink coffee have increased the power of concentration and improved memory. Caffeine in coffee helps the body in fighting against Alzheimer. Koreans have proved that the person who drinks coffee is less likely to show the signs of heart diseases. Coffee has good benefits for skin also. Those who drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily have shown reduced risk or oral and throat cancer.

So, drinking two- three cups of tea or coffee daily is fine but increased consumption will definitely go to have harmful effects on your health.

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